Shutter Ranges

Whatever our customer may be looking for, we're sure to have a material to suit.

A shutter like no other. Genuinely unique, a dream to work with, and the best value for money.


A shutter like no other. Genuinely unique, a dream to work with, and the best value for money.

At Carter and Clark, you won’t see sight of MDF around here. We are specialists in quality hardwood shutters at MDF prices. Shutters that wow your customers yet are priced with your profit in mind. Our Hybrawood shutter range, the most affordable of our ranges offers your customers something genuinely special, a cut way above your MDF-selling competitors.

Built to last

The Hybrawood range breathes high quality and durability. It’s ideal for everyday living. The outer bones of the shutter is constructed from solid hardwood, with ultra durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl slats* making it significantly longer lasting than other entry level shutters on the market and resists damage. It’s built to last, it’s strong, and will age well with time.

*Aluminium core slats only on panels wider than 400mm

Easy installation

The frames, stiles and rails of our Hybrawood range are built from FSC accredited timber giving ease and flexibility during installation that you can’t get on PVC or MDF frames. Any minor adjustments needed in frame sizes are easily corrected with a simple plane or sand back and touch up with paint. The Hybrawood range is best if you’re fitting older, wonky windows, or if you’d prefer a more flexible material for peace of mind.

The smoothest of finishes

Our Hybrawood range are spray painted to a sleek, smooth, ungrained finish - you’d never tell to look at that it’s a 100% wooden shutter. Every corner is covered in a UV protective paint, meaning no light damage from the sun. Available in a full range of paint colours and design options, you can offer this in custom colours too*.

*TECH SHUTTERS & BLINDS colour match to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade or RAL colour.


The TECH SHUTTERS & BLINDS classic, innovative design, light to work with, the most popular of all our ranges.

If you could only supply one shutter range to your customers, it would have to be our Basswood. This shutter is a strong ‘all-rounder’ with its ability to fit seamlessly into any shape and sized window - even the largest.

Again, you’ll see zero MDF at TECH SHUTTERS & BLINDS. Our Basswood range is made from 100% premium basswood timber.

The lightest you’ll get

While it’s solid wood material brings all the benefits of timber, the Basswood range is made with light, easy to lift, mount and work with basswood - and a breeze to transport to your customers home too. It’s this lightness that makes it the ideal shutter for hanging across large windows and doorways. What’s more any custom shape can be catered for. Curved, triangular, conservatory windows, you name it we make it.

Innovation in design

Our Basswood range is the only shutter available in the UK with ‘clip frame’ functionality. A much more effective method to hold cover strips in place, meaning no more call backs from our customers when their sticky tabs have failed, and their strips have fallen off. It’s the small details we get strive to get spot on, every time.


An outstanding shutter, with the deepest of grains. The most premium offering your customers will love.

 When a customer wants their shutters to look like high quality wood, our Ashwood is the single best range to deliver on that expectation. It’s deep textured grain gives a sophisticated natural wood look that will without a doubt set you apart from our competitors.

The finest quality wood

Ash Hardwood is one of the finest materials a shutter can be carved from. Working with our trusted wood suppliers we select only the best grade Ash to build our premium shutter range from. It’s a cut above the rest.

*Aluminium core slats only on panels wider than 400mm

Stained by hand

The unrivalled deep grain in our Ashwood range is best accentuated by a rich stained finish available in a range of tones. At TECH SHUTTERS AND BLINDS we take care over every last corner of our shutters, that’s why we rag rub stain in by hand for that lasting, even finish. It’s attention to detail like this that will wow our customers and keep you ordering more.

Built to last a lifetime

Long term stability and durability is everything with shutters and we strive to ensure that the wood we use will last a lifetime. Wood might be prone to the odd knock and scratch, but not our Ashwood shutters. We use long lasting, tough as old boots stains and paint that protects the wood from day-to-day wear and tear, whilst accentuating the grain. We use durable PU paint rather than the quick drying NC, meaning our Ashwood shutters will look as good as new for years to come.


The hard as nails shutter, resistant to water and humidity.

For those areas of the home where windows are in direct contact with water, your customers want shutters that will stand up to moisture not warp over time. TECH SHUTTERS & BLINDS's waterproof shutters are built to withstand the harshest of environments. 

Highly durable, water resistant

Whether our customers are after kitchen shutters, bathroom shutters, wetroom shutters or shutters for a window that is prone to contact with water, our Waterproof Aluminium Core Polyvinyl range are 100% waterproof. They will not fade, warp or peel.

Looks just like wood

Our customers want the same, dramatic effect as any other wooden shutter in their kitchen or bathroom, while offering 100% water resistance. TECH SHUTTERS & BLINDS waterproof range offers exactly this. Unlike other polyvinyl shutters on the market, we paint our PV shutters with the same PU paint we use on our wood ranges. This gives them a substantially better, higher quality look and feel versus your average ‘snap together’ PV shutters which are simply extruded with the colour in the plastic.

Easy to care for

Our Waterproof Alu-Core range is a much more convenient window dressing in damp environments. It’s easy to maintain. No waiting for fabric curtains or blinds to dry out or pick up damp smells, our waterproof shutters can be washed down to keep clean. Now that’s something everyone will thank us for.